La Panadería : San Antonio, TX

La Panadería
8305 Broadway, San Antonio, Texas 78209
(210) 375-6746 | (210) 375-6762 |
Mon – Fri, 7 am – 8 pm; Sat – Sun, 7 am – 5 pm

Jose & David Caceres : Owners/Bakers

We have to tell you our story so that you’ll understand why we’re here. We are Jose and David Cáceres. We are Panaderos. Everything we have done and every step we’ve taken in our adventurous and successful lives has led us to your beautiful city. What we brought with us is our dream, our love for breadmaking, and our desire to reclaim cultura in the United States so that once again, the world can taste the type of bread that was experienced by all when Mexico was in its Golden Era (Epoca de Oro) of breadmaking. “Simply put, the bread of our Mexican childhood was hypnotically delicious. The aromas of fresh bread floated out of every corner bakery throughout the city of Mexico.” Jose continues, “as a child I would carry a canasta of bread in the streets and cry out ‘Pan Caliente, hay pan caliente! Tengo Rosca de Reyes, hay roscas de 5 y de a 10’.” The bread they sold was the fresh hot bread their mother baked for the neighborhood just minutes before. Because their mother was a marketing genius, she managed to secure the business as supplier of VIPS. VIPS was the equivalent of a chain of restaurants like Dennys or IHOP in the United States. It was a big break. Jose, David and their mom industrialized their breadmaking abilities, experienced ups and downs and later secured the baking business of the equivalent of Mexico’s Walmart. Literally millions would enjoy their bread throughout the country. But industrialization took its toll on the quality of the bread. David states, “It lacked cultura.” Efficiency trumped quality and David longed to make more artisan-like bread. He knew that real bread needed to be long-cultured for 48 hours or more. Eventually, that would happen when Jose and David would begin to supply the bread for the Starbucks of Mexico. Finally, David was making the exotic quality bread that he always wanted to make. He studied under the best American, French, Italian, and Mexican bread masters and created some of his own techniques and some of his own breads. Just last year, the brothers set their sight on a larger goal. To honor their mother and to honor Mexico, the brothers embarked on a journey to create their own brand of panadería. They wanted their own brand of bakery in the United States featuring some the most treasured breads of the Golden Age of Bread in Mexico and some new confluences of French, Spanish, American and Italian bread fused together into a Latin American experience. They created La Panaderia. Through market research and because all business indicators pointed to it, the brothers chose San Antonio to launch their flagship panaderia, La Panadería. The Panaderos have a unique approach to the making of their pan that allows for long fermentation, typically 30 – 48 hours (up to 72 hours in some cases), so that the bread is unlike any other bread you have ever tasted. Welcome to Bread Cultura.

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